Day 11: Kuwait Metro Station … ?


I was taking one final stroll through the city when I encountered an
intersection. There was no way to get around it, or so I thought. I
noticed some people walking to this lower than ground level area and
then continuing in that direction even though it seemed like a dead
end. I decided to follow them. What I saw then was honestly and very
odd and unexpected surprise… Looked like a metro train station to be
honest. It just had signs that led to different parts of the city,

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Day 10: Desert Shots


The night shots sucked, I need a tripod to keep my camera still and keep it from shaking and fucking up my image during night long exposure shots. The desert shots, on the other hand turned out fucking sweet. The desert near our chalet is ideal for offroading ( I need a B at the very least on my math test to finally own one of my own… parents). I, stupidly, decided to go on foot in the scorching heat to take photos of the dunes. It was pretty intersting, except for the goat crap mine field I walked into by mistake. Besides incredible disgust, I’m alive. Enought bragging, here are the pics. You should know that clicking on the image makes them bigger by now…

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Day 9: Chalet


Just a relaxing day at the chalet, looking forward to taking some desert and night shots…

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Day 8: Suicide Photo Shoot


Today was fucking fun…

I’ve been looking forward to this for over a week. I got dropped off at the Stock Exchange Building and just explored the city. Although, the most memorable part of the night what I call the suicide photo shoot. We walked into a new super fucking high building that just finished. Since I don’t exactly look Kuwaiti, I managed to pull off the stupid foreigner act. I walked in talking English with an American accent. I told the security guard that I’m a student in the American University of Kuwait (AUK) majoring in photography. I told him I need high shots of Kuwait for the project. I ended up going to the top floor, the 28th. The view from up there gave me the chills. Thats when a man dressed in a dishdasha came up to me and my friend and checked out our cameras and the pictures were taking. Then he asked us if we wanted to go to the rooftop.

It was fucking awesome…

We opened the door to the rooftop and saw a full metal staircase ahead of us. Halfway up the staircase, which by the way was completely suspended 15 meters over the ground, the wind started to get REALLY strong, it almost blew my shirt off. My friend was about to lose it and clutched the steps with his hands, he didn’t go any higher. I continued up with the man. I went to the absolute top of the building. You know, you don’t really realize how high a building really is until you’re standing at the absolute top at the absolute edge without a concrete or metal barrier of any sort. I managed to take a few pics, although most were really fuzzy because I couldn’t possibly stand still. The wind was just so damn strong. Like I said, I almost lost my clothes. The wind made it very cold up there. The cars looked like toys. I’m definately gonna bullshit more security guards to get to more restricted locations in the future. I’ll try to restrict the number of times I risk my life per month to about 20. I stood on the concrete barrier at the very top of the tower, nobody around, extreme winds, straight fall to the ground if I were to slip (God Forbid). The wind got so strong coming down from the top of the tower I had to get on my hands and knees and crawl towards the stair way to get back into the building. Words and photos really can’t explain it. You have to get up there yourself and see what I saw. It’s fucking amazing. I’m not sure what the name of the building is, but it’s the new building across the street from Al-Muthana Complex.

Other places I went to for photo shoots include the Gulf Bank Building, Kuwait Stock Exchange, Kuwait City Park, Soog Al-Mubarakiya, Al-Muthana Complex, Yamaha Music Store, Al-Ghanim Electronics, Al-Salhiyya Mall, Johnny Rocket’s Kuwait City (Just opened TODAY and my friend and I were the only people in the restaurant!!!), BUT … That’s all a story for another day… 🙂

This picture is a zoomed picture from the top of the tower, click to see full size, the actual non-zoomed image is too small to see any detail…

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Day 7: Rolex


My mom just got back from a week long business trip. When she’s out of the country, she’s always in an extremely good mood and goes on a spending spree. Dad’s ultimate nightmare, hahaha. Look, she got me a Rolex this time!!!

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Day 6: Rock Relaxation


It’s finally Tuesday, last day of school before spring break ( it’s a shame Florida’s beaches are on the other side of the world). Today, I decided to just relax and completely forget about the horrors of the hell hole in the middle of Hawalli called BBS. Today I called up a good friend of mine to rock. He came over at the perfect timing, when nobody else was at home. To give you a taste of what it was like, my ears are still ringing 🙂

Playing some good music after hard work is very soothing. First we started out playing some heavy shit. KISS, Metallica, etc… Basically put all the rage from school in a guitar. Calmed down a bit and suddenly switched to blues. Stevie Ray Vaughan etc… That’s when my E-string snapped. Luckily I had a spare set of strings I bought from the states back in summer. My friend replaced them, and by simply playing the new strings I noticed how crappy of a condition my old strings were in. New strings are very tense, waiting for them to soften up so I can get them in tune. Took a picture (as usual, click to enlarge) of the new strings. Shiny … 🙂

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Day 5: Screwed!


It’s 7 PM, and I have an Algebra II test tomorrow. I am a natural dipshit when it comes to math. I barely know anything about the subject (as of right now) and I can’t possibly afford to fail one more test. Right now I’m just looking for anybody to help me out. If anybody is reading this and can help me out … hold on, I’m not putting my phone number on a blog, that’s stupid. BUT… In the end of it all, who gives a shit as long as you tried, we all end up in a box underground in the end.
“Whether you’re a king or a street sweeper, in the end we all dance with the Grim Reaper.” … But it wouldn’t hurt to get some help at the moment .. Wish me luck! 🙂

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Day 4: The Accident


I live in Rawdha, which really isn’t that far from Hawally because of a little bridge connecting the two areas together. Everyday on the way back from school I have to wait at for atleast 10 minutes at a red light at one hell of an annoying intersection at the end of the bridge. Today, I took out my camera and shot a photo of Kuwait City from a distance, didn’t look that good, so I searched for another possible project365 daily headliner. That’s when it happened…

As I turned to my right I heard a MASSIVE sound of metal slamming pavement and twisting. By the time I had understood what happened, I knew it was an accident. My driver was staring at it in shock, so were my brother and sister in the back seat. I told my youngest brother (2nd grade) to look away because he gets nightmares from such scenes. The two collided cars were now still, only one man moved, the man who was driving the white car that was to blame for the accident. He walked across the car and saw the elderly man riding with him (front passenger seat) was leaning on the door, obviously knocked out cold. There was some blood from the man on the exterior of the door on the white car. The other car involved in the accident had one man in it. I could not see him at the time, but I thought he died. The hit the car had taken was tremendous. The white car had continued past the red light as cars from the right of the intersection came in. The beige car driver failed to stop in time and ran into the side of the white car. The beige car came into complete stop and the white car turned around 180 degrees and stopped only a few feet from the concrete barrier. A man in a Jeep Grand Cherokee stopped and looked into the passenger side window of the white car and saw the bloody old man leaning on the door, he panicked. He reached for his phone and dialled 777. By then,there was a green light and the cars continued to drive. We had to take a turn near the accident site, traffic was slow, that gave us a better view of the car and who was in it.


That is when I noticed that the man in the beige car was not wearing a seat belt and flew out of his car seat. His head slammed into the windsheild, busting a hole in it. He failed to make it through the glass, so he bounced back into the car, halfway over the seat. His head was shredded by the glass, there was blood all over ther car and his head and face. I don’t remember him breathing. I don’t know for a fact whether he was alive or not. I hope he is. If not, Allah Yir7ama. If he was wearing a seatbelt, he would have survived with just cuts and bruises.

In the photo above, u can notice the elderly man in the white car, leaning on where the window used to be. The man in the beige car is not visible. The damage on the white car, again, is much more visible. I had a chance to get a pic of the beige car, but the sight of the man was just too bloody and gruesome to take a pic of and post on the site.

Now that I see the pic, its doesn’t show much of the crash. The car was moving and I didn’t have the time to properly stop and focus my camera. The other side of the accident, the real wreck of glass and metal is not visible. I didn’t take a pic of that, would have been too bloody to post on the site. Now that I think of it, the view point from near the beige car was the horrific part. This is what you see on a typical highway, a crushed car. My brothers and sister didn’t make a sound on the way home. First time seeing badly injured bodies in pools of blood I guess…

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Day 3: And We’re Back……


It’s Saturday, that means back to school for kids and back to work for adults. Everybody hates them, though not as much as Fridays. First thing I do when I get to school is just lay back and take a nap, or wait to ask people for homework I didn’t feel like doing over the weekend 🙂

Today I climbed to the top of the stairs, jumped onto the roof (over the barrier) and took a pic of the street and the view that I stare at all day long from classrooms. Yes people, school can be THAT fucking boring. I hate it, can’t wait til June…. Some people work hard, some people like myself just hardly work …
This picture is just typical Hawalli, click on it and check it out full size…

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Day 2: Typical Friday


Every Friday, my family and I go out to lunch after Friday Afternoon Prayers. Usually, its to a different location. Rarely ever do we visit the same place two weeks in a row. Ever since I got more and more into photography, I’ve learned to see what’s around me in a different, more artistic, way. For instance, after visiting the mosque, I noticed that the exterior of the mosque really wasn’t a bad place to take some shots. So I quickly grabbed my camera and looked for the perfect view. An image I liked in particular is the image of the minnaret ( I think that’s how you spell it) and the roof of the mosque with the pure sky in the background. Click on the thumbnail image and check out the photo full size.

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